September 18, 2008

158: Autumn Or Bust

Kerry and myself, a 25-second exposure and the absolute last shred of daylight on the pier in Whytewold, escaping the bugs on the Labour Day weekend.

The rain – and the mosquitoes – were (and still are) torrential. Success in our thicket of (mostly) solid green tomatoes are now at the mercy of unpredictable September temperatures. Corn season was truncated. The city was void of its standard one- or two-week-long heat waves. I laughed after I said it, but with a week left to spare in the season, I officially conceded to Kerry that this summer was a bust. So, Summer of 2008, hear this: you've made my sh*t list.

That being said, I enjoy autumn more than most – and nothing would give me more pleasure than a sweet, smooth, harvest-scented extension into winter. Here's hoping, anyway.


Anthony Woodward said...

I enjoyed it all the same. But yeah, what are those mosquitoes still doing around?

Missy B said...

Nice experiment with the photo. Have to agree on this summer, just didn't impress me much. Can't wait for next year.

Amber said...

If a post can be beautiful - this one is. And I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Fortunately, for some reason fall is really exciting me this year, and the idea of small gatherings with friends and loved ones to get me though the winter :)