September 28, 2008

160: The Craw!

I'm a sane person. I swear. But I can't help it; a co-worker of mine finds a pair of severed American coot feet at work and immediately I get these ideas in my head (and no, there's not some psycho stalking our workplace – likely these feet were all that remained from an eagle or hawk kill). They're absolutely lizard-like, and I love it. I look at these feet and I don't picture a clumsy, big-footed chicken-like coot – instead I imagine an out-and-out nasty velociraptor. Holding a pencil.

So I took the feet home in a baggie and took photos on Saturday in the porch, just doing some texture studies against a white sheet of paper. And the toes were splayed just so to slip in one of Kerry's old Laurentien pencil crayons – Sarasota Orange for maximum contrast, but luckily also the stubbiest in the set – afterwards, declared a victim of the procedure and directed straight to the garbage can.

Then in Photoshop, I bleached out the white paper to make a basic white background, and set about with some minor touch-ups. The foot, originally a faded blue-green, was pumped to a more reptilian hue. The pencil crayon was close-cut for some cleanup work as well. A line of orange was added, as was an alphabet-book type treatment to tie the whole thing together. That was how I spent my weekend.

You click here for a closer look at some of the foot detail.


Melissa said...

You are bizarre. Creative definitely, but also bizarre.

Jeope said...

It's the first part of my new online movement. I'm calling it Operation Bird Parts.

Anonymous said...

OK, Duncan must get it from you. He was sorely disappointed in me tonight when I wouldn't let him cut the leg off a dead bird so that he could pull on the tendon and watch the leg bend. Bunch of sickos, you are.