November 05, 2008

Fifty Bucks Well Spent

Thanks to my now-married friend Allan ­ – and the iTunes gift card he bestowed on his groomsmen earlier this fall – I was able to unabashedly walk into Apple's virtual shop recently and haul ass with a basket of all manner of aural goodies. I'm working on being more in tune with tunes; this list of music that I'm currently appreciating muchly comes thanks to a few sources: CBC Radio 3 and NPR podcasts, the recently (and nicely) reformatted CBC Radio 2 late-night programming, my occasional Illadelphian music hook-up Melissa (and husband) ­ – and of course Al, who provided the coin as part of a most incredible gesture. Thanks again.


"Hey Modern School Girl " – *The Awkward Stage, Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights
"The Sun Will Set" – Bombazine Black, Here Their Dreams
"Frenchy's" & "The Pulse" – *Holy Fuck, LP
"Acid Tongue" – Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue
"Hello Tomorrow " – Karen O. & Squeak E. Clean (single from the 2006 Adidas commercial)
"Body Of Years" – *Mother Mother, O My Heart
"Cocaine Cowgirl" – *Matt Mays & El Torpedo, Matt Mays & El Torpedo
"All The Old Showstoppers" – *The New Pornographers, Challengers
"Life In Parentheses" – *Novillero, A Little Tradition
"How Can You Be Sure" – Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees (single)
"Believe In Me" – *Sloan, Parallel Play
"Time Machine" – *Sweatshop Union, Water Street


Summer Rains – The Ditty Bops
*Ongiara – Great Lake Swimmers
Till The Sun Turns Black – Ray LaMontagne
Time Without Consequence – Alexi Murdoch

* Canadian content!


Tamara Paetkau said...

You, sir, have excellent taste in music! I love that Great Lake Swimmers album. And what is it with Radio 2 lately? When did that change? Because it's all I listen to lately, I am finding so much fantastic music there lately, such an eclectic mix.
(And I just saw you linked to my wee blog which made me so happy Jeope...thank you.)

Melissa said...

I love that Ray LaMontagne album. I listen to it quite often. It makes me weepy. We had that Alexi Murdoch album somewhere, but we haven't been able to find it since the move. Rob is certain that it's somewhere in that lone unpacked box in our bedroom.

Jeope said...

The first track on Ray's album gives me the chills.

Allan L. said...

I'm glad you dug the gift, man! I like The Awkward Stage, too. I think they played the Lo Pub last month on the 4th. We were both kinda busy, as I recall.