November 08, 2008

163: Jellybean Is Wise

In honour of Illustration Friday's current theme of wise, I present this (mostly) digital concoction of my wife – one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. Based quite literally from my favourite photo of her, it was an exercise largely in texturing and layering, and trying something in the way of a technique that perhaps I'm not so comfortable with – probably why it took me the larger part of an entire day to get it down pat. She's currently in Montréal on a five-day, work-related conference, and shortly after she returns it'll be her birthday. So... happy birthday, jellybean.

Don't you be so mean, my beauty queen, my movie screen
Don't you be so mean, my jellybean, my Boston Cream
Blow November blow, my sweetheart home, before the snow
Blow November blow, my sweetheart home, before the snow

"Don't Be So Mean, Jellybean" by Justin Rutledge (though I'm not sure he came up with it).

There's a bigger version of this available for gawking, right over here. Please take a look.


sep said...

Beautiful! Your wife and the quality of work :)

screamy mimi said...

This is fantastic! I love her beauty and the whimsy of the jelly beans!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

I like this a lot! Lots of cool stuff going on, but masterfully balanced.

Rrramone said...

What a nice tribute.

FlyWORKS said...

Aw!! very romantic!

I should have dedicated my wife's illo for that subject too.

Good job!

Mrs. R said...


Ams said...

thats a freaking awesome piece of work! man i'd sell my soul to have your skills.. you can basically print money on canvas