February 03, 2009

175: Down By The Riverside

The City of Winnipeg – coupled with an absolutely frigid December – hit a home run this winter with an extra-extended edition of the Assiniboine River skating trail. Almost 10 kilometres have been cleared from The Forks to the Assiniboine Park footbridge this season. And while I don't skate, I do gladly take part in the trail's side-by-side multi-use portion – a super-smooth pathway of crushed snow – on my bike, as two of the past three weekends have seen tolerable weather to get out, and not lose my eyesight from welling tear ducts in the process. For insurance and safety reasons, I doubt the whole enterprise has more than a few weeks left, so I hope to get out a few more times still. It's a wonderful and different viewpoint of the city that one can't get the rest of the year without a boat or being the son of God. Here are some candids from my trips out so far, a skyward shot of the footbridge underbelly and its cluster of cliff swallow nests (above) – and a llama (below), which was part of a skate parade that traced the route last weekend.



Sarah said...

I agree with you. It is an amazing view of the city that you don't normally get to see. The snow covered river side is amazingly peaceful, yet there is so much activity on the trail. I too hope to get out there a few more time myself

Anonymous said...

That first image is so cool, I love the abstract quality it has. I had no clue what it was until you told me. And why isn't it on flickr?! I want to fave it!