February 01, 2009

The Kindness Of Strangers

This January came with it some special deliveries to my mailbox; special in content and special in that all arrived from people I have yet to – or perhaps never – meet.

Hot on the heels of a surprise anniversary brownie shipment from Rob and Melissa, this Christmas ornament (above, top right) showed itself early in January, compliments of distant e-friend Jenn Bowman (whose rock-star husband Keith I met in Vegas a couple years ago). Noticing from Flickr and elsewhere my penchant for all things owlular, she picked this adorable fellow up at a Philadelphia market and popped it in the mail. Yes, just like that.

Mid-month, a general call-out for all people interested in my GDC button swap submission netted an email from Adam Koford, originator of online comic strip The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats and perhaps the most prolific illustrator I've discovered in all my internet ramblings. I sent him a trio of buttons from my years in the swap and unknowingly, I received an envelope a few weeks later containing an original panel sketch (above, bottom right). Do yourself a favour and peruse his Flickr vault – but be warned, it may take you a few weeks.

Lastly, a seemingly innocuous post of some newly-minted promo stickers by Flickr contact, sketching wizard and fellow SFG Blank Book Project contributor Tommy Kane caught my eye. I asked for one, and lo! My mailbox produced a three-pack of stickers a short time later, all the way from Brooklyn. One now graces the cover of my sketchbook (above left). And yes, that is a squirrel with a pistol. I've yet to decide the fate of the other two. One will definitely make it out into the city someplace.


Allan L. said...

Amazing gifts all around. That Kane sticker is amazing!

Ariel Gordon said...

I will not button my lip until I get a button...