February 23, 2009

179: My Gut Instinct

Illustration Friday's current theme of instinct made me think of one phrase and one phrase only: go with your gut. There's not a whole helluva lot more to this, considering. But there was one major conceptual change between the original image in my head and what eventually made it to paper – at first, the concept had one man's entire bottom half walking away on him. But a chat with Kerry cinched the deal that the man's gut should be the only part making a break. I said OK, then mebbe the guts should have their own pair of feet, strutting off stage right, but she said no, make it move like an inchworm.

I actually posed for myself with this one ­ using my tripod and remote, thinking I'd draw it in a more realistic manner. Even though I didn't in the end, I thought I'd give that visual as well, despite your pleas; I don't believe I've shown off my gut here on my site before... or have I?
Click here for the obligatory closer glimpse at the spectacle. The drawing, I mean.


Ian said...

Yikes,.. what kind of blog is this becoming, the flashes of skin!
The things people do to get hits on their site :-)

great job as usual.

Peter Breese said...

Hilarious, nice (not the image of a crawling slimy gut mind you, but the illustration itself).. Cheers!

Michael O'Connell said...

too much… lol… at first i thought it was a brain! yikes! great style!