August 04, 2009

204: Pimp My Photo

Illustration Friday's theme of modify had me scouring my photo vault, then interpreting in a purely technical manner. So bear with me here, if you think I'm off my rocker.

Firstly, the quick sketch above, drawn with a fast-fading black brush pen – my new best friend – is of Kerry's brother-in-law and his mega-awesome hat. In Photoshop, I frittered away at the drawing's edges, particularly along the bottom, and performed some minor tweaks to a few detail areas where the brush pen was overly blunt.

Where Illustration Friday's theme enters the picture is in choice of colour scheme and setting. The original photo (shown below), was snapped on a cloudy and blustery day on a northern Manitoba lake, from a boat halted at a barren, wretched colony of nesting gulls. The modified illustration instead inserts our hero into a far warmer climate. And there you have it.



Laurel Neustadter said...

Very nice. You improved upon the photo! Thanks for sharing your process.

Jeope said...

Thank you, Laurel.

nessadee said...

Very nice modification!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

via Flickr: NOT crazy!! Fabulous.