January 18, 2010

221: Small Wilderness

This is my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of
wilderness. The word conjures up images of vastness and scope. True, the wilderness is big. But step inside it, and you'll see it can also be quite small.

I love the wilderness, and I'm most grateful that I live in a place where true wilderness is a stone's throw away. I realize a great many people in the world don't have the ability to say that. The wilderness – and all that is in it – continues to be my number one source of inspiration; anyone skimming through this blog will notice this. I couldn't have come up with a more inviting theme for Illustration Friday.

I'm still dickering around with my woodblock carving, and I don't want it to seem that I have nothing to show for Monday night Creative Night. I hope to display my wares someday very soon. For now, you can click here to see this sketch in greater detail.


Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Very strong! Beautifully done.

Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work, excellent interpretation of the theme of the week!
Would be happy to invite you to visit my site www.ruisousaartworks.com.

If you have time you can also see my idea on the theme of the week

Thank you and greetings

Rui Sousa

dthaase said...

wonderful line work - great piece

Krista said...

You're right-- the word "wilderness" evokes a vast and even desolate connotation. This is exactly the opposite and it is wonderful!

Andrew said...

Wow -you really captured that bird! Excellent drawing!

Jeope said...

Hey, thanks everyone.