February 03, 2010

223: Moom

My friend Kal Barteski – she of Love Life fame – invited me to join herself and a few others in a spontaneous creative bout this past week. Operating in the vein of Illustration Friday and other creative of-the-week themed concepts, the GO/venture is far more open to interpretation, offering participants the option of providing output ranging from sketches to photos to written word submissions. The theme of the edition I took part in was permanent. I was initially excited at coupling a piece with Illustration Friday's theme of clumsy – but clumsiness prevailed in the end; turns out that was last week's theme.

This piece was drawn quickly over the weekend, then dressed in Photoshop on Monday evening as part of Creative Night. You can click here, to view the illustration larger, and here, to see the Flickr-based GO/venture home base, stuffed with other folks' entries covering a whole wadge of past themes.


Ariel Gordon said...

I want my MOOMY!

(Very nice, as always...)

Jeope said...

It almost sounds like it should be a dirty word.

Tamara Paetkau said...

Tee hee hee...it does sound like a dirty word!
I just love what you do with Photoshop and texture, it never looks like it came out of a computer.

Ian said...

So jealous of you illustrators. You all colab like this,.. its all very cool.

I can't even get Photogs to talk to each other let alone do something like this!

ksavage said...

Very nice

jk said...

this has nothing to do with your brilliant illustration. it has to do with home ec in grade 7 or 8. do you remember mrs skakum?

our kids were acting up this morning, so i said "children! children! pull your shit together!" that moment will forever be stuck in my brain.

that and the wrestling match between chad carlson and jason hussy.

Dave said...

I think next week's theme should be "wadge."

Jeope said...

I would kill for that theme, Dave.

Josh! I had entirely forgotten that poor teacher's name. Hilarious.