April 25, 2006

63: Housebot

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The next time I hear someone say they're headed to the bathroom to "do some thinking", I might be inclined to believe them. Never one to dilly-dally in the lavatory, this morning a strange thing happened: I was doing some "thinking" of my own and noticed, for the first time, just how much the bathroom cabinet reminds me of the giant metal-eating robot that menaced Manhattan in an old episode of The Amazing Spider-Man.

And, bam! This week's Illustration Friday theme just happens to be the word robot.

So this evening I took a number of shots of household objects – trying to keep in mind a similar perspective – and pieced together this photo-collage, using the cabinet as a base and then building from there. The feet/wheels are from our eco-friendly, push-powered lawnmower. One arm is a tripod; the other a hose from a hand-me-down vacuum cleaner. The antennae are made up from our reading lamp, and – aaaugh!!! It's taking the TV! Right in the middle of hockey playoffs!


Alina Chau said...

LOL!! V clever collage piece!!

Doug said...

the only thing missing here is a coffee pot... unless it is behind one of the doors!

carla said...

You're a riot! So...what does this robot do? I hope it will at least mow the lawn!

lew! said...



man, that is a good one.
comic greatness i'd say.

stealing the tv...(snicker) what does it want with the tv?

phew - this'n brightened up my boring morning.

Holly said...

Eeeh gads-not during the play offs! Well if he is going to abduct the tele he could do a little cleaning to ease your pain. Very clever. Cheers!

Monster Machine said...

Fun collage! It still has tons of personality! Good job.

The Tart said...

Love it!!!!

The Tart

U R after my digital heart. ; )

Ariel Gordon said...

Oh, how I hate talented people - and though I haven't had the chance to browse thoroughly through this here site, I'd say you're pretty goldarned talented.


Anonymous said...

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