December 23, 2006

97: Ought-Six

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Holidays are upon us, and it gave me a little time to clean up the computer and revisit all the jobbies I did for this site over the past year. Turned out I was busier than even the year before, probably due largely in part to the new camera kicking about. For now, in addition to spending time building pages for the next issue of the HOWieZine (theme: myths and legends), I have some vacation days coming to me – and I intend on using 'em – like I suspect many of us will.

I realize the image here is a big fat mess, but it pays to click here and see the thing in all of its slightly higher-resolution majesty. And if you'd like to have your chocolatey, grubby Christmas paws on any of these 2006 creations high-rez, shoot me a comment here and I'll gladly send you a nice, crisp version.

So be merry, stay merry, and I'll be back to open up shop again in 2007. For now, it's time to rest, and also see where I want to take this thing next year.


Mary said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you both have a great holiday!!

Jeope said...

Et tu, Mrs. Mary!

Alina Chau said...

GREAT collection!! Congrat!! looking forward for to see your new creations in 2007!! Happy new year!