January 06, 2009

171: Dark Meat White Meat

For Photo Friday's current theme of disorder, I sat down and took a close inspection of one of my favourite Christmas gifts this year – this small, but heavy, scrap-metal bird sculpture. I absolutely love the seemingly chaotic and carefree manner in which it was constructed, knowing full well that quite the opposite was the case. There's bumps, drops and general disorder everywhere I look on this fellow, yet it exists as a cohesive and well-designed piece of art.

Both portraits used the 100mm macro lens. The portrait on the left was taken with the bird atop a faux-leather portfolio case, with our dimly-lit foyer in the background (but a touch of light on our red IKEA cabinet). For the portrait on the right, the bird was perched atop a stack of jewel cases and positioned to peer downward at the camera, and a window, receiving full afternoon sunlight, blanched the background out. Higher quality versions of the respective portraits can be had here, and here.


nick said...

Based on your photos, the new macro lens really seems to be working out well for you. Would you recommend a purchase? It's one of the lenses I've been most interested in.

Jeope said...

It's been so much fun to have. I'd recommend this one or the 60mm, they're both manageable and work well as workhorse lenses.

It just sucks though, having to wait out our brutal winter before some really good shooting material comes about.

nick said...

Yeah, it's bad enough here, and I'm quite a bit further south than you. It's my first winter since I've been (somewhat) serious about photography. Very frustrating - though that's one of the reasons I'm looking at a macro lens. I'd imagine it opens up a whole new world of photography indoors.