January 02, 2009

Ought Eight In Music

If anything happened for me in '08, it was increased exposure to more music. As I've mentioned in the past, I'm no
connoisseur ... yet. But I make up for it, and more, by being extremely finnicky. And that's where I become at odds with other music lovers, in that I'm rarely happy enough with albums from start to finish to warrant nabbing them whole, and instead have fast become a fan of – gasp – the single. I often find myself rummaging through iTunes these days like a scavenger, picking off sensational songs here and there after sampling albums that say much less to me. Not to say it doesn't happen for me though; I broke a personal record this year for buying albums in a year I'm hearing critics and experts dub less than stellar. I've also noticed a trend in my buying habits in that albums I do get tend to drift towards material I'll listen to together with Kerry, while singles and part-albums I amass veer more for just myself.

Here's my top 10 albums and singles from 2008. Some may be late-2007 crossovers, and the singles list does not include songs from the albums list.

Asking for Flowers – Kathleen Edwards
Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
Consolers of the Lonely – The Raconteurs
New Seasons – The Sadies

Narrow Stairs – Death Cab For Cutie
Mountain Meadows – Elliott Brood
Gossip in the Grain – Ray LaMontagne
Oh My Darling – Basia Bulat
The Hold Up – Donovan Woods

"The Rip" – Portishead, Third
"Halfway Home" – TV On The Radio, Dear Science
"Help I'm Alive" – Metric (single)
"Lights Out" – Santogold, Santogold
"In the End It's Your Friends" – Shout Out Out Out Out (single)
"Bitches in Tokyo" – Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War
"Time to Pretend" – MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
"Time Machine" – Sweatshop Union, Water Street
"Body of Years" – Mother Mother, Oh My Heart
"Believe In Me" – Sloan, Parallel Play


Anthony Woodward said...

I always wonder how does one go about finding new music other than just buying things almost at random? Having a few people that are into music and that can pass things on has always been my haphazard way.
Also as a side note I could have seen MGMT at Meredith (the headline band) but couldn't be bothered as the weather had beaten me down, ha!

Mykael said...

I'm with you re: Fleet Foxes.

I suspect it is one of those lovely and rare records that will actually get better with age.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently obsessed with Donovan Woods. Where can I get that album?

Jeope said...

The album's up on iTunes now. I thought it'd never show.

oo said...

Try on Jenny Lewis' "The Last Messiah" or "Jack Killed Mom" from her latest album, "Acid Tongue."