December 30, 2005

46: Plays Of The Year

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I enjoyed keeping this site together over the past year. I've never held myself to a New Year's resolution before – never bothered setting one – and to look back now and see the stuff I've posted gives me a good feeling. Even though the original aim was to create something new each week, I consider the goal reached. I couldn't have factored in things like vacations, a month of moving preparations and spending the last weeks of the year working on Top Secret Project X (which I'll post next week: promise). I posted some reruns, quickies and remakes, but in the end I now have 43 new pieces of work I didn't have at this point a year ago (click here for a better look of the image above). And seeing how during the previous year, I might have come up with less new work than I have fingers on my two hands, I'm a happy camper.

Because I set for myself two other related goals (one failed miserably, the other a so-so pass), the results aren't all glowing. But put them all together, and I still graduated. So thbbbbpt – and on to next year.

I thought briefly about the status of this site a couple of weeks ago. It held me accountable to my resolution, and now that 2005 is over then mebbe it should be, too. After all, with the amount of time updating and writing all this stuff, technically I could have been putting myself to use in other ways. On the other hand, it kept me off the streets, my brain ticking, and largely away from the television. In the end, I decided to keep Jeopopolis on the air. And for 2006, I will keep trying to come up with a new bit of creativity once a week – and posting it here. Consider it a re-resolution.

I'm also gonna go on the record here with a related resolution, to keep up a sketchbook. Though I did all this stuff in the last year, not a great deal of it was with the aid of honest-to-goodness sketching or doodling. It doesn't have to be complex art, just an effort. More pencils. More direct observation. That sorta thing.

Thirdly, a totally unrelated third resolution: this year I am going to ride 2,080 kilometres on my bike before next winter. I have an odometer, and as a stats junkie I like to keep track of the distance it rings up (2,080 will bring it to an even 5,000 since I attached it). Last year, almost solely on commutes, I rode 1,100 kilometres. In 2004 – which was extremely crappy in these parts – I rode 1,200 kilometres, largely bolstered by a quickie spring biking vacation in Jasper. So this summer, I want to use my bike more as a means of exercise/stress-relief on top of regular commuting. It can easily be done. I just have to be all Nike about it and do it.

I want to thank the people who took time to come and visit this site. I never imagined back in January that it would receive as much attention as it has. So, if and when you read this, consider yourself thanked. The comments and support are greatly appreciated. And if you have a favourite image from all the posts in 2005, drop me a comment or an email (j_wolfe at ducks dot ca) and I'll gladly send you an electronic hi-res copy.

All the best in 2006.


jk said...

good job jeope. i've enjoyed your site all year long.

Allan L. said...

Happy new year, dude. You're a constant inspiration.

maeengan said...

this place rocks!

Dave said...

Thanks a bunch for being such a great inspiration to me this year. Seeing all the stuff you do made me realize how little I'd been doing to keep the creative fires burning. And in my blog, I've tried to emulate what you've done here on my own terms.

On another note, can you share some of your code secrets? I'd love to do something with my page, but most of the time, I don't know where to start in that code. As I said in my blog, I'm rather un-code-nated.


Harrison said...

Way to go bro! I've been a silent fan for way too long - does it piss people off that there are people just silently browsing? - either way, i love your work, you fellow canuck you! perhaps my resolution should be to give more props to talent like you! Fantastic work!

Mary said...

I like your headliner image on jeopopolis! I am familiar with webdesign lite as well :) If you need anything, hollaaaaa!

Jeope said...

Yeah, like the changes took me hours to get right. Someone in the know prolly could have done it in 15 minutes!