January 22, 2006

50: Dragon Duck

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The HOWieZine pages are cut and ready for shipping – so I used time this weekend to mebbe submit something for Illustration Friday, but drat the luck, their theme of the week is cats. Not that cats aren't fine in their own right, but I have a hunch the I-F listings this week are gonna be chock-full of cute widdle puddy-tats and Garfield knockoffs, and I can't get myself up for that. Nor was my midwinter shell of a brain ready to massage and work the theme to suit my tastes.

So instead, I sketched myself the biggest, baddest ... um, rubber duckie.

This came from a discussion last week about entering a team from Ducks Unlimited for Winnipeg's annual August dragon-boat races on the Red River. And natch, the first thing that pops into my head is this hombre. I did a loosey-goosey sketch first and worked the final illustration in Freehand (click here for a closer look).

Side note: This illo will also be on display over at Sugar Frosted Goodness!, an all-illustration, all-the-time team blog constructed by online compadre and blog-birthing machine Jeff Andrews. Have a moment to spare? Check it out; there's already some excellent work on display.


Mary said...

YEEEOUCH! That is one HOT duck!

Jeff said...

Blog birthing machine???


Aliea said...

OMG! I love that duck! I love rubber ducks and have a little collection growing thanks to my friends. I have a few amusing illys with ducks... maybe ill post them some time

Allan L. said...

The lines you get in FreeHand are great! I've been able to achieve nice line weight only once in FreeHand, and never with Illustrator (I'll figure that shit out someday).

Jeope said...

Al, the lines were done with a mishmash of differently-weighted calligraphic strokes and 'default paint mode' brush strokes. As of today I'm still a total Illustrator newbie. I gotta correct that before Freehand totally disappears.

Anonymous said...


erik simonsen said...

Hi, i came across this fire breathing duck on google images. Funny enough, i'm in a dragon boat race for charity and our boat captain has chosen "The Unsinkable Fire Breathing Ducks" as the team name. i've been looking for an appropriate avitar for my charity page and your duck is perfect! do you mind if I use it for a good cause? please let me know: erik.simonsen@db.com