August 08, 2006

75: Cadence Times Nine

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My family doesn't get together very often - partly out of dynamics, but more due to plain and simple geography. However, a recent spell of family visits that just wrapped up was so unique my brother dubbed it FamilyFest – two weeks of familial bliss and general busyness, highlighted by my niece Cadence's first ever visit to Winnipeg.

Cadence is almost two now, and she's as precocious as a tot of this age can get. She enjoys running around the house in circles (counter-clockwise only), loves blueberries, chicken fingers and getting spooked. She repels incoming raspberries (the belly-fart variety, not the yum-yum fruit kind). She calls jewelry "pretty" and loves the book One Duck Stuck. She gives high-fives and clinks glasses – or in her case, sippy-cups – when you say "cheers". She did not make friends with my brother's cat, Roscoe.

And she makes for wonderful pictures.


Mary said...

okay, she's CUTE. Look at those cheeks. I like the 3rd pic...chubby little cheeks!

Melissa said...

Oh my garsh! That haircut! "Bangs, above your eyes your hair hangs." So cute.

devon said...

wtf?!!? last i knew she was a bald baby!!!! wow. she is beautiful. hey, i'm back in the game! watch ya a$$. ;)

and the "shakes" after the conference is normal... i had them for WEEKS, not just days. lol

Princesa de Chocolate said...

This is so adorable Jeope! She's beautiful.