August 21, 2006

77: Happy Trails

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Top row (left to right): Peanut butter on my nose; Bear Lake lily pads; granite rock patterns. Middle row (left to right): a Bear Lake trail ritual – leaving some coins on the CN main line; a busy bumblebee; a lone crooked birch tree. Bottom row: Kerry reading at Bear Lake.

In honour of Photo Friday's word-o-the-week – friend – I present this montage of images taken last Friday when I took the day off to join my best friend on a hike in the Whiteshell. Kerry and I tested out the Bear Lake hiking trail, the first time I have been on this relatively short path since I was a little kid. The six-kilometer return trip to the trail's namesake lake crosses the CN main rail line before crossing an overgrown meadow and loosely following a series of parallel granite outcrops.

We met a grand total of three people along the way, curious for a perfect August afternoon. And largely because of that, the day came with a truly great feeling – not one of merely tacking on an extra day to a weekend, but instead the sense that every other single person in the world was toiling away at work someplace. The ride home only validated this sentiment, as we drove west to the city against an endless stream of cars heading in the opposite direction – full of people racing to the park, looking to get the most of their two-day weekends.

Friday marked eight years since Kerry and I have been together.

1 comment:

lew! said...

congrats on the 8 years buddy-boy!

i am a bit jealouse that you can take days so easily at your job. That is one of the many SERIOUS flaws with my co.
I am just trying to get an extra day on the labor day so Em and i can get up to the lake for a short break. I have my doubts, which angers up my blood.

Also there seems to be much beauty near by you up there in Canada. I would love to explore more on long weekends, if i had such an option.

There are plans to go learn about Lincoln in the fall in Springfield. I would like see see the pumpking-chuckin' this Oct. too.

man that was long.