November 13, 2006

91: The Plants Are Taking Over!

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Top row (left to right): a blooming, yellow mum-like flower – possibly a mum; bonsai tree limb (background made black in Photoshop); middle row (left to right): palm bark abstract; flowerball (background darkened, blurred in Photoshop); spiral trunk abstract (background made black in Photoshop); bottom row (left to right): bonsai detail; a whack of daisies.

Last weekend I went out on my bike in the fast-melting snow to get myself dirty on the trails in Assiniboine Park. But by the time I got there – after all of five kilometres – I was feeling tired, and instead popped into the Conservatory to warm up and dry off. I ended up staying there with my camera for almost an hour, scoping the place out for plant abstracts like the ones above. I ought to go back again sometime. It's a great place to escape when it's frigid outside, and a tripod would be handy in the dimly-lit areas.

This is a low-resolution grid of photos, some cropped. For the real, close-up deal on any of these, click here and peruse at your heart's content.


Ekota (kgiff) said...

Beautiful as always!

Mary said...

Nice! I like the way they are arranged in the collage of photos! That, in and of itself, is great! And of course, the images are awesome!

ben huff said...

i'm really drawn to the spiral trunk...beautiful.

Mattias said...

Very nice post, I'll add you to my links

Big A said...

lovely images!