November 13, 2007

127: The Reason I Don't Blog As Much, Part II

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Realizing I kind of snuck it through in a September vacation post, I should do so now: Kerry and I are getting married. We picked up the license yesterday (Jebus help me if Vital Statistics discovers that I don't know my dad's middle name(s) or guessed where my mom was born).

But all this meant invitations were in order. More of a formality than anything, since we already procured 13 of the 14 ceremony attendees (at I-do time, mom may be anyplace between Colombia and Argentina), but we are creatives and must oblige expectations.

I wish I could put a name to the chap who bemoaned designing his own wedding invites in the font-geek documentary Helvetica ­ but he was bang on: I was, for lack of a better word, intimidated. In the end though, I relied on a treatment that was primarily photographic, relying on the scads of photos accrued over the years (we've been together since 1998) ­ and built a four panel roll-fold creation that tells a loose story as it unfurls, including photos, some basic info and a poem-by-Kerry original.

One funny: we realized late that nowhere on the piece does it actually say our names. Pah. You all know who we are.

Sorry about the grainy shot – we don't get too much daylight up here anymore. If you want to see a crisp version, let me know (I'm not about to advertise all our info all high-rez n' stuff here).


Mark Kruk said...

Congrats Jeope! The invite looks sweet too.

"I'm not about to advertise all our info all high-rez n' stuff here"

What? You don't want a whole bunch of old CreCom and AdArt buddies crashing your wedding party? :)

Take care,

lew! said...

Looks great Jeope, nice and unique!

It's coming up fast! Hope all the details work out smoothly so you two crazy kids can have a fun wedding day/party!

i only wish Winnipeg was slightly (ok a lot!) closer.

Anthony Woodward said...


As for 'Lew!'s' comment Winnipeg's going to BE a whole lot closer in 3 weeks!

Melissa said...

Wonderful! (Would I expect anything less?) And thank goodness you realized that an invitation just isn't an invitation without a penguin.

Jeope said...

Thanks all.

Mr. Woodward, I still can't believe your timing. Get the winter over with first though, right? Actually, it's been pretty easy here so far.

Mary said...

Those are beautiful! I didn't know you guys had a date. I'm assuming sometime near near years if you have got the liscense already!

Jeope said...

Ha – it is New Years; we're doing it in our living room on New Years Eve.

frances said...

You guys had no reason to feel intimidated, you rocked the wedding invite -- I love it!

BTW, I found you via ApeLad's comments on Flickr. As a former goalie, type geek, erstwhile designer and photographer by profession, I couldn't resist checking out your blog. Congrats on the pending nuptials, best wishes, etc., etc. And keep up the great posts, too...when you have time.

Jeope said...

Hi Frances,

A goalie? That takes nerve.

Thanks for all of your comments. Make yourself at home here!

shannon said...

WHOA!!! Congrads!!!

patricia said...

Congratulations Jeope!! Great date to celebrate. It'll be a party every year.

Your invite looks great and very 'you' if that makes sense. I absolutely loved your engagement ring for Kerry. Gorgeous.