November 27, 2007

131: Rhymes With Quail

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A super-quickie for this week's Illustration Friday theme of the zoo. I'm always interested in the concept of illustrating with type. I even did it once already, creating an owl out of type for a long-ago Illustration Friday theme (see here). So, combining a hand-drawn doodle of a quail I made a couple of months ago with the sudden realization I could rebuild it out of eight apostrophes ­ and I get this.

I spent about an hour last night going through my font libraries searching for just the right apostrophe. I almost built my own after a near-futile search when I came across a winner ­ the snazzy 80s throwback, Fenice (I think the Delta Hotel chain used it, at one time).

And it's true, too, if you think this is a lame connect to the theme. I'm not exactly in quail country, and wouldn't mind it at all if our local zoo picked one up. But I did eat one however, for my birthday dinner in October. Quite tasty.


EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

Nice! I'm always a sucker for reappropriated type!

Jeope said...

Me too, Lisa. Thanks!

Tracy Harris said...

mmm, fowl.

mrs. b. said...

too cute and clever!