November 24, 2007

130: Grow A Pair

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Photo Friday's current theme of
two was the inspiration behind a Saturday afternoon fruit shoot on our kitchen stovetop. I attempted recreating a seamless single super-pear from red and Bartlett pears – harder than it looks, judging from my skills with the knife – and I suppose I could have smoothed some edges off in Photoshop, but in the end I like the stacked effect here. I also tried a similar stunt with a lemon and lime (with less favourable results), and an apple and orange that didn't even make it in front of the lens. Perhaps another time.

Fruit procured from De Luca's on Portage. That place smelled so good today.

Click here for a closer look (lemon/lime jobbie coming soon).


Anonymous said...

hey nice job, I like the stacked look and think it looks better this way than if you had smoothed out the edges. Hey I'm curious about what kind of lighting you used, I've been trying some still lifes myself but am having a hard time getting well-balanced, nice lighting like you have here.


Jeope said...

Nothing fancy, in the lighting department. I used a tripod and the overcast light from the window to the pear's right. Levels were then punched in Photoshop, and the dull whites of the paper and stovetop were whittled away with the dodge tool.