June 19, 2008

148: Boys Rule!

Well, here he is: Avery Daya, my new little nephewical bundle of joy.

Over the course of two photo shoots – and several impromptu snaps in between – altogether approximately 200 shots total, ­ I gathered a pretty decent collection of photographs of Avery that I now have at my disposal for sending to family and for my own keeping. In these shots, Avery is nine weeks old and a very good model, always curious and eyes-on with the camera. During our visit he was quiet, content (even while snorting like a piggie due to a wee head cold).

For some of these shots I had the added benefit of my sister's Canon EF-S 60mm USM macro lens (which I now love, and please buy me one – yes, I'm talking to you).

Amazingly, it was only around Halloween of 2004 that I did a near-identical photo shoot of Avery's sister Cadence ­ then six weeks old ­ on the very same bed. Only I was using a hand-me-down Minolta Maxxim 400si and two rolls of llford black-and-white film. I treated each shot so carefully, lest I blow a precious frame of film. And after the negatives were developed, it seemed I spent an eternity scanning each picture and rubber-stamping the inevitable scratch marks that came with the process.

Jebus, bless the digital camera!


Melissa said...

He's so pudgy, I want to squeeeeze him!

P.S. Girls rule, boys drool.

Jeope said...

As much as Avery drooled during our visit, I still tend to disagree. I know firsthand, that as a boy, I rule.

devon said...

adorable! jeope, did i tell you we played around with the name "avery" for a girl!? :)

Amber said...

Agreed! Cute, cute, cute Avery (those feet!), and vive le digital!

Ian said...

As a pro photog I think my business would have been in serious trouble if I had Liam in the film era.

Patricia said...

Adorable kids and great photos! You reminded me of the difference between picture taking for our kids as well (film vs. digital). Yes - Bless the digital cameras!