June 27, 2008

I Ate Shreddies Yesterday

So allow me, this one time, to be bloggy and answer a chain-letteresque pass-along series of questions from my friend Maria, who – bless her – resurrected her own site just days ago. However, in the spirit of being difficult and lazy and it being a hot summer weekend and all, I'm going to halt the chain here.

What was I doing ten years ago?

To the day practically, I was graduating – with honours, betta recognize – from the graphic design program, then known as Advertising Art, at Red River College. At the ceremony, I was planning to ask this girl from another program I liked to go out sometime, but she ditched the graduation and I had to cold-call her a week or so later. We're now married.

What are five things on my to-do list for today?*

*Note: I wrote this yesterday.

eat Shreddies (done).
design an ad of company merchandise (done).
freak out over cankerworms (ongoing).
attend a baseball game, weather permitting (done).
this thing – what I'm doing right now (done).

What snacks do I enjoy?

Are you kidding me? Brownies. Compared to brownies, everything else is a pile of puke. But if there's a gun to my head...

Miss Vickie's sweet chili & sour cream chips
Ritter Sport (any kind with whole nuts in 'em)
hot fudge sundaes, with peanuts
Wagon Wheels
baby carrots
monster cookies
Corn Pops
brownies with ice cream

What would I do if I were a billionaire?

Much. But this is as good a time as any to state, for the record, that I would like to go into outer space – and I think that, as a billionaire, I could achieve that goal. Kerry says that outer space would be boring, that after she did a couple summersaults and squeezed out a tube of toothpaste in zero gravity, there wouldn't be much else to do (and she’s the poet). Me? I'd have my face pasted to the window, watching the earth like a TV. For the record, is all.

Where have I lived?

Figure 1: where I have lived.

Kitchener, Ontario
On my aunt and uncle's farm, near MacGregor, Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba – eight addresses within a seven block radius, over 25 years (see figure 1)

What jobs have I held?

Ahh, a natural progression...

graphic designer


Melissa said...

Dang, kid. You must REALLY love living in that area!

Space ain't my thang. I'll leave it to you and that N'Sync guy. I like seeing Earth from close up.

Jeope said...

And I'd still have money left over to jettison the N'Sync guy, too.

Pah. Yer jealous, anyway. Jealous that I have Shreddies and you don't.

Mrs. Maria said...

Paperboy! Ha! That's awesome. I'm so glad I tagged you, your post is like breaking consistency! You have to make it special, you always do! Thanks for the love J! :P

Ian said...

I was virtually raised on Wagon Wheels. Like everything they don't make like they used to. Their smaller!

My wife HATES them, so it's a running joke with us on when Liam gets his first one. I pouted went a competing socceer team of Liam's got Wagon Wheels for snack!

Corn pops!!- A treat I am only allowed to have camping as I reserve the right on the Corn Pops within the row of lil cereal boxes you take camping. As the commercial goes "Gotta have my pops!!"

I like Brownies, but not nearly as much as you it seems.

Ian said...

OH I forgot to ask, were the the classic Shreddies or the new upstart Diamond ones?

Jeope said...

They are smaller. And the only time I get them now is sneaking away a few at Halloween.

Jeope said...

Ian, they were diamond ones. Which I'm not keen on, as they shred the top of my mouth.