June 13, 2008

147: The Hate Is On

For Illustration Friday's tricky current theme of punchline, I'm using the
opportunity to sneak-peek my submission for the upcoming second issue of Winnipeg local art zine A Paw In My Face (PIMF). As such, let this act as a warning to fellow contributors checking in: first, don't look at the picture above, and second, stop reading this description of it and get back to work on yer own submissions (now due at the end of the month).

Themed hate, the second PIMF will serve as an interesting companion piece to last summer's love issue (read about that, here), which was snapped up quickly and well-received from several establishments around downtown. And I thought cool, because, well, I hate all manner of things: cankerworms, raisins in cinnamon buns, the thump-clap thump-thump-clap baseline of every modern R&B song. But I also thought, it's too easy to expound on things I hate. It's more fun to imagine what other people hate (but that reminds me, I hate quite a lot of people other than me, too).

Take muppets, for example. Kerry and I have been watching the first season of The Muppet Show, which is frequently infiltrated by Scooter, annoying and cloying nephew of the owner of their theatre, who uses nepotistic connections to further his talentless run at fame. Sure, they all appear to be buddies, but back-backstage and off-camera, the cast members detest Scooter (and I like to think he knows it).

Therin lies the punchline of this illustration, drawn with my brush pen and shaded/halftoned in Photoshop. The hate issue of A Paw In My Face should hit streets later this summer. Click here for a closer look at the finished illustration.


indigene said...

The imagery is great! I never get punchlines...so I enjoyed reading this.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious.

Chris said...

Man, why are they giving Scooter such a bad time? He's a good guy!

Nice work and very funny.

devon said...

i thought my dad was the only person who ever said "dingus."

Jeope said...

Yer dad and me! I love the term – it's like swearing, without really swearing.