June 28, 2008

151: The HOWieZine Cometh, Part IX

Somehow this got lost in the mix, my ├╝bersimple submission for the most recent issue of the
HOWieZine, a collaborative zine project done up by members of HOW magazine's online forums. My contribution to this long-standing tradition (I believe this is HOWieZine number 12, the series spanning some four years) were hamstrung somewhat by our extensive spring holiday in Europe. As such, I panned through my vault of photos to search for applicable entries, eventually settling on these two above to best represent the zine's theme of nightmares and dreamscapes. Both photos have appeared on this site over the months and years; the first, an indoor roseate spoonbill at the Assiniboine Park Zoo taken beneath a blanched-out skylight in 2007 (click here for a closer look), and the second, a mannequin street performer at Mardi Gras (pre-Katrina) in 2005 (click here for a closer look).

These I figured to be my best two singular 'storytelling' images to fit the zine's dual theme words. The typeface used is Diavlo, available for free download from the typographically amazing and generous folks at exljbris – do check them out.


Melissa said...

True. My nightmares do look like that. He wants to eat me!!

I've skipped the last few zines. Sad.

Jeope said...

I'll be honest : the zines aren't like they used to be. I may have done my last. They're still decent, but no socks are getting blown off these days.

milo said...

ooh these are wonderful, the images play off each other so well...

to answer your moose question... the big game head are going to be printed rather large and hung in a bar for a month :)