March 30, 2010

231: They're Magically Beauticious

A couple of weekends ago Kerry and I went to Montréal, much like last year; don't ask me why I'm only getting around to this now. But even though the days were drab and grey and nippy and even big-fat-sloppy-flakes-falling-from-the-sky, we found more than our fair share of colour inside the greenhouses at the city's botanical gardens. In particular, on display was a giant room full of flowers and free-roaming butterflies. In the spirit of Lucky Charms, there were...

Photobucket morphos!

Photobucket caterpillars with creepy false eyes!

...yellow cacti!

Photobucket monarch-/viceroy-like butterflies (possibly monarchs or viceroys)!

...and red reservoir flowers!


Beth said...

Insane photographs!

These are just brilliant.

This is James Gillespie posting through his wife's account cause he's lazy.

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Your photos never cease to amaze Jeope. Magically Beauticious indeed. Keep 'em coming.

ksavage said...

Love the green caterpillar!