January 09, 2005

01: I Have A Horsey

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"I have a horsey. Neigh…" – Milhouse, at show-and-tell, on The Simpsons.

My first thingamabob: A horse. I wasn't sure what to do, so I delved into my stash of photos from a trip to London in 2003 in a random search for inspiration. I noticed this picture of a guard in the Parliament district and decided, since I had never drawn a horse before, that I would attempt to…well, draw a horse.

My first pencil sketch not shown was a bust (too careful). But my second crack over lunch at work on Thursday was better, and by this time I had decided I would take the sketch and simplify it into a more stylized jobbie – something 'snowboardy'. I used FreeHand to draw and Photoshop to add the textures, which consist of a cracked-earth layer and an aerial photo of horse-themed petroglyphs.


Allan L. said...

A fine blog you've got here, mister. Welcome!

Jeope said...

Many thanks, mon frère noir. Yours ain't bad isself. Now get back to work!

Allan L. said...

I've been on the web all day. I don't see that changing, now that it's nearly 8:30. Tomorrow's another day.

devon said...

yer wierd... i like you!!! :D

goodie another blog to peruse.

cept' yours has like, thought provoking stuff n stuff.

dookie. see you on the forum flip side!