January 23, 2005

03: Dudos

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI cheated a little on this one. I actually doodled these dudos in my notes while enrolled in Red River College's Creative Communications program about eight years ago. The birthplace of many careers in journalism, advertising and public relations (CTV sportscaster Rod Black, Lucasfilm web developer Pablo Hidalgo, my girlfriend Kerry and WWE superstar Chris Jericho, to name a few), Cre-Comm taught me one important thing: I'd rather be a graphic designer. But while committed to this course, I doodled frequently. These two hombres, Johnny Journalist and Al The Big Fat Ad-Man, represent two-thirds of Cre-Comm alumni. Greg The P.R. Clod wasn't included in this FreeHand re-imaging of the original doodles – he was just a pile of dirt (no offence to any PR graduates reading this).

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