January 16, 2005

In Good Company

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While surviving through the glut of loud and large-scale Christmas releases, I was pulled in by the trailer for
In Good Company. Kerry and I gave it a look this past weekend. It sucks outside right now (have I bitched about how cold it is? I think I have), and this movie could not have come at a better time; as a pick-me-up, it comes shining through. The movie is sweet, honest, touching, and most importantly, human. Some moments are so identifiable that it's laugh-out-loud (anyone wrapped in corporate culture will recognize the dreaded 360-review). And even though In Good Company walks obediently along with some typical lesson-learned movie conventions, those involved (Dennis Quaid, Scarlett Johansson, Topher Grace and a scene-swiping David Paymer) put in such smooth, controlled performances that it just didn't seem to matter. I left the theater feeling better than I did going in. Job done.

Side note: There's a potentially good soundtrack from this film, with some nice songs by Iron & Wine, The Shins, David Byrne and Damien Rice. Director Paul Weitz also helmed the equally cheerful-but-not-too-saccharine About A Boy.

Theater idiots: A bighead in front who overly enjoyed his rocking seat, a candy-bar crinkler to the right, chatty, light-bladdered elderly woman in the rear.


Allan L. said...

I'm lookin' to see that sometime.

Dude, how do you get your text to surround your images so nicely? I've been wanting to do that for ages!

Mary said...

In Good Company was one of the only movies that got a good review from the holiday season... according to www.rottentomatoes.com anyways...

Your type is SO SMALL on your blog... can barely see it...*squinty*

Anonymous said...

Very well made movie, everyone superb, just beautiful to look at - hated it from beginning to end. Thought it was dishonest, especially the scene in which Dan delivers his monologue to Teddy K. It's a feelgood movie for dinosaurs that doesn't do justice to the dinosaurs. [DCD - aka Negative Man]

Jeope said...

NegativeMan, I can agree with you on that: The Teddy K showdown was the movie's Achilles heel, a bit groan-inducing, a bit rah-rah. I dunno, tho'. Many times I find myself being NegativeMan, but I got hooked on this one somehow.

devon said...

i really want to see this! i can't wait. :D

thanks for the review.