January 03, 2005

Stuff I Done In Ought-Four

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Top row, left to right: Two-page Conservator spread on the creation of Manitoba's new water ministry, t-shirt design for the 2004 Ducks Unlimited Canada Great Greenwing Adventure, b&w photo of my new niece, Cadence. Middle row: Poster design (wedding present), autumn photo from Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Conservator spread on urban sprawl in Ontario. Bottom row: Logo design for the Winnipeg Foundation's Youth In Philanthropy program, composite photo of Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

This was 2004 in a nutshell. A handful of some of the better things I accomplished.


Dave said...

Nice work! Really, I mean it! :-)


noodle said...

All your work looks like a red x in a box to me. Very, er, minimalist.

Jeope said...

Yeah, the red-X-in-a-box is a popular movement in art these days. I have to admit, I've swiped other peoples' red-Xs-in-a-box and presented them as my own.

Is that 'noodle', as in 'the noodle'?

Anonymous said...

Ah, much better. Thanks
noodle (yesterday I could figure out how to sign in under my own handle, today, no such luck)

Anonymous said...

Hey, another red-x er. We should form a club. By the way, the niece is stolen, a copy. I have the original.
Deenie(too lazy to sign in)