January 29, 2005

04: Sumac!

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I nabbed this branch from a sumac bush (top left) last September along the Hunt Lake hiking trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park, and scanned it thinking some good use would eventually come out of it. So I turned it into these three Photoshop creations. I got to try out some things I would never get to do at work (radial blurs, radical hue/saturation shifts, custom brushes), and just spent a couple of hours seeing what I could make from a single scanned object. Kinda neat. I dunno. Whatever. They’re purdy.


shannon said...

What a great exercise! It is amazing what we can create when we are just 'playing around'.
-shannon (futura)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Now... that is purdy! :) I like the two at the bottom. I'd love to see how you developed that... or is it a secret? And by the way... I thank you for the compliments on my icon for the howie forum. I can't take credit, I got it from the Ron & Joe website. Make your own face here:http://www.ronandjoe.com/funfree/makehead/head.html

I'm thinking on animating mine! Teehee! Tata for now!

Jeope said...

The bottom left one is convoluted, but for the bottom right one I close-cut and saved each leaf as a seperate file, then turned each one into a custom Photoshop brush. Then I just used them like stamps, each in a different solid colour until I got the collage. I did the same thing with the whole branch as well, for the white knockout.