January 17, 2005

02: C'est Pa

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I sketched this image from a photograph on loan from a coworker who is visiting from France for a year. She took the photo of her father ("Pa") on a trip home in early December and was showing it off while we carpooled to work two weeks ago. So props go out to Lorène Lailler for the actual legwork of going across the Atlantic and shooting my subject for me.

I drew it over a couple of days with a 2B pencil – nuthin' fancy. But it's more than I've done with any kind of pencil in over a year, so for that alone it makes me happy. Hopefully Pa likes it.


diana said...

Maybe we can encourage each other. ;) And like I said, never let anyone's jealousy get in your way! Your work is VERY good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeope

Oh dear, another portal to a new dimension. Where every blade of grass looks new, like I'm seeing it for the first time. This blog thing is interesting. It's like saying hello loud enough that the whole world can hear you...if they are listening. I can foresee that this is going to chew up some time.

I'm pretty excited by this new direction you are exploring. I guess I was touched by your comments about how you had grown a little stagnant over the years. I've found that life "really happens" when you are traveling a little too fast for comfort.

Dig in Jeope!

Stephen Boychuk

Ps. That horse is DYNAMITE!