August 31, 2005

30: Ducks In A Row (a.k.a. Yellow)

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Those interested in photography ought to check out PhotoFortnight, the summer brainchild of fellow HOW forum participants Sean O'Dwyer and Joe Blend. Their site offers photographers of all skill level an opportunity to send in submissions based on the site's bi-weekly theme. Once all submissions have been received, they can be voted on by viewers. Results are then posted roughly one week later. But unlike the massively popular Photo Friday, only pictures snapped within a two-week window are accepted. PhotoFortnight also offers themes that call for a little extra thinkwork, and even a touch of design sense. Case in point, the latest theme: yellow.

My concept here is pretty plain-Jane, using a unique road sign just outside of where I work. But the image that was in my head differed sharply from my best final output, so I spent some extra time mulling over a yellow-based still-life session the next day with objects from around my house (see below). In the end though, I submitted the original idea. It's goofy.

So after the long weekend, head over to PhotoFortnight and vote. And be kind to my pic!

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A slightly Photoshop-enhanced outtake from the second shoot. This one shows the grand pile of stuff that I gathered together (sad that I forgot to bring my happy-face frisbee). R.E.M.'s Green is my favourite item in the shot. Also shown is one of only two modern-day issues of National Geographic without a photo on the cover.

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And in this one, the soon-to-be-famous duckies are ready for their close-up. For now though, it's back to their spot atop the sill above the toilet tank.


Pantone1817U said...

I love your duckies crossing the road in front of the duck crossing sign, it's definately among my favourite shots for yellow. You submitted the right one for sure!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Very nice picture Jeope. LOVE IT! I have so many rubber duckies... the big mamma, the babies, the mini ones.... the layout is perfect!

lew! said...

can't you get away from birds Jeope?

thank gorsh you didn't do a friggin yellow flower like 75% of PF - I did, and i am kicking myself for not using something more creative.

speaking of birds - the B&W bird illustraion in the last HZ. Emily really liked it, she said she'd like somethig similar as a tatoo.

Mary said...

I like those! I like them all, but I agree with folks...the first one is a great photo! :) Coolness!

Jeope said...

Hey, remember the mantra "write what you know"? Mine is: "Got nuthin' else? Do a bird".

But yeah, no kidding. I gotta lay off.

Ian T. said...

The ducks crossing the road is still my favourite - this made me LOL! Did you have to lie on the road to take this picture (they need another sign showing a photography lying on the road :))?

Jeope said...

Ian, I was lying on that road smack on my belly. Very uncomfortable, esp. to still look through the viewfinder. I had to get a buddy to spot for cars!

Melissa said...

Love it! Yours, M's, and lew's were my favs. What a great project! That was the first time I looked at that website! I should get Rob involved, he loves photography. :-)

Rubber duckies are so darn cute!

The Space Above the Couch said...

have to show my baby this one. btw any idea what's up with illustration friday? the links are not working.

shannon said...

These are all great! I don't know how you picked one of them!

Ian T. said...

Jeope, endangering yourself for your art is pretty heroic, but it's worth it to get it just right! This shot would be so much less from any other angle - it's perfect this way.

Loren said...

congrats on all your ducks being in a row and getting the now prestigious 1st ranking at photofotnight,com