September 29, 2009

212: Getting The Buck Out

In a couple of days we're heading out on vacation, a road trip that will take us to Yellowstone National Park and then south to a whole wadge of scenic stops in southern Utah and northern Arizona. When we return, I'll be busy as snot no doubt – not to mention a year older (can I get a woohoo for birthdays on the road) – so hold tight and I'll be back on here and posting in about a month's time.

In the meantime here's a deer for you, another one of my May Day drawing assignments – based from this photo taken on a thick-fog morning in the Whiteshell, the last time we had an October vacation. Hopefully more moments are to come. Stay warm.


Bryan Scott said...

Yellowstone is one of most spectacular places on earth.

My fiance and I did the drive from Winnipeg to Badlands to Yellowstone to Glacier Park, and back to Winnipeg, and we had a ball. Yellowstone was for sure the highlight. I think you picked a good time of year, too, as the summer crowds will have thinned considerably.

James said...

great cross hatching and I love the loose way you dealt with the bark on the tree.

Great stuff Jeope.