November 28, 2005

41: The HOWieZine Cometh, Part III

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The rollout of the fifth edition HOWieZine is officially upon us – a nice, pre-Christmas turn of events that gets the gift-receiving season off to an early start. This edition, themed lost and found, was especially nice for me as I was fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to volunteer myself for cover duty. And I spent a fair amount of time in the fall mulling over how I was gonna go about doing it all up.

I first thought about the concept of feeling emotionally or creatively lost and/or found – how it happens, what triggers it, etc. But I’ve never been too fond of dealing with heavy topicality and opted instead for a more light-hearted route. And the socks really are a gimme. So much so that I'm predicting now, without having seen the finished book, that there will be other pages featuring them. But the dual scenes – the front cover's lonely singles and the inside cover's happy mismatched pairs (above) – put a spin on the timeworn idea of finding the perfect match. Click here for nice big, fat, close look.

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I filled out the back covers of the zine as well (above) with a pair of stand-alone ideas I had before I started drawing the socks. The inside back cover feature photos of trail markers from a hiking trip in the fall, twisted in a way to lead you on a circuitous route to the centered message. And the back cover I filled with a year-old photo of my niece Cadence, matched with the famous lyrics of Amazing Grace. Not a deep message, but one I thought more than suitable to finish of the end of the book. Clicky here for a closer look.

Let me know what you think. The next HOWieZine (theme: superheroes – this one's gonna be off the charts!) will get into gear in January.


lew! said...


i love the cover(s) - great work as usuual.

I am going to actually use the blog and put my pages up. Why? Dunno - you, mel, mary and DG are proabably the only ones who'll see it.

Ah well.

Jeope said...

Do it. You need some imagery up there - do the old zines, too, like a gallery. You'd be surprised at how many people actually come through and don't comment. I've noticed this ever since I tacked on the tracker device.

I'll probably get my zine next week. Lousy mail to lousy other countries. Everyone's got theirs now. No fair, I say.

Dave said...

Cool stuff! I got mine last Friday. It was funny because vaguely somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew you were doing the cover, but the memory was fuzzy at best. But when I ripped 'er open I knew at once that it must be St. Jeop'.

Apologies for my page! ;-)

I'm going to have to really put on my thinking toque for superheroes. Just as with L&F, I figured there would be a few socks, kids, pets and souls. For this one, I imagine there will be several moms, dads (or other family members), soldiers, police, firemen, etc. But if y'all know me, I'm never one to go the traditional route. Maybe I'll do a big sandwich...hmmm

Lew! Do it dude! Jeope's right that people swing by, but just don't comment about your irrelevant, pointle...uh, fascinating life. :-) j/k.


lew! said...

"Jeope's right that people swing by, but just don't comment about your irrelevant, pointle...uh, fascinating life. :-) j/k."

LOL! Dave - you're crusin buddy!

I did post the one.
i wish i had my other pages on me right now i would post more. Perhaps tomorrow.

Yeah in reality not much of interest has gone up in mine - i'm working on it. Albeit slowly.

is that proper use of albeit? oh well.

Mary said...

Jeope! I was showing evvverybody my 'zine here at work and commenting on how you are a spectacular illustrator. I loved the socks! And, I didn't know until just now that the back was yours too! I love the (t)here thing! Great idea.

Matt said...

Good stuff, as per usual.

Melissa said...

Gotta love the socks!! Great job Jeope, as usual. Your illustration style rocks, I'm jealous. I didn't even realize the inside cover was mismatched pairs! How cute!

I haven't even gotten a chance to really look at the book yet. I have to take a closer look tonight. I can't wait to work on superheroes!!

Alina Chau said...

sooo many cool new postings here!

lew! said...

'ery body loves jeope

WIAN said...

I wanna read your blog, Lewbiedoobiedoo. (Note to self: read blogs more often.)

I already gushed about the grand covers - thanks for doing all 4! I always look forward to seeing your work, DrC. :)

And I'm glad USPS made up for previous lost time!