November 20, 2005

Free Time

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I have to get my butt in gear. Kerry and I are making a top secret Christmas present for a certain special someone, but it involves a bunch of work on my part – of which I've done nada thus far. But today, it begins.

And to keep my blog audience – now numbering in the millions – occupied while I toil away on Project X, I'm posting this nine-year-old piece of rerun action from my college days. I used to draw for The Projector, Red River College's student newspaper, over parts of three years (ten bucks a strip!) – and this submission came directly on the heels of getting dumped by my then-girlfriend. So draw what you know, right?

Anyway, she thought it was in poor taste. I think it was the most cathartic ten dollars I ever earned.

This cartoon also doubles as my Illustration Friday contribution. The site's theme this week is the word free – and this piece is appropriate enough, as it plays decoy while my free time is filled with work on Project X. Click here for a closer look.

Side note: My strip, The Crobolog, was named after a failed attempt at a Scrabble word by a friend during a mid-1990s weekend cottage bender.

Side side note: I will post Project X following Christmas. Keep pants on.


Allan L. said...

She thought it was in bad taste? Since when is the truth bad taste? I swear...some people's children!

Mary said...

hahaha...I like how you got the name of your comic strip LOL

erik said...

Thanks for the recent props on my Illustration Friday: Strength image Jeope. I've enjoyed checking in on the Jeopopolis as well and will look forward to Project X