November 24, 2005

When It Snows It Pours

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The view on Garfield Street, Winnipeg (Nov. 15, 2005).

Last week's snowstorm afforded me my first opportunity ever to 1) borrow a neighbour's shovel, and 2) build a snowman in my front yard – the latter being somewhat more of a personal highlight than the former. Our snowman's lifespan left a little to be desired: built at noon, wilting by three and dead on the ground by the time we came back from Kerry's parents place after dinner. He was a bizarre crossbreed, created from Kerry's desire to go all-natural – using dead foliage from our flowerbeds – and me wanting to use found basement objects, which consisted of a leftover scrap of dryer ventilation duct.

Here's a pic of Kerry and the big snowy papi we built on Sunday. We never even got the chance to name it.

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Melissa said...

Fun snowman!!! I can't remember the last time I made one, although I've always wanted to make one, Calvin & Hobbes style, all morbid and stuff. So? What was his name?? Goober? Snorklepuff? James? I know, it was Mel, right?

maeengan said...

I know! Cyril Sneer from the Racoons!

Jeope said...

Cyril Sneer! Yes! Somebody recognizes!

A gold star for you, good man. I thought nobody would get it.

Mary said...

I think Mr. Snowman is getting a little fresh with Kerry, you need to make sure that future snow men keep their cold, mitten hands to themselves LOL. How did I miss the cool snowman pic the last gazillion times I checked your blog???