November 03, 2005

Mike Wazowski!

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So, since perhaps the dawn of time no one has ever fingered me as Mr. Craftsmanship. Got a project that involves sculpting, mounting, cutting or outright delicacy? Keep it away from Jeope. I could design or illustrate decent work in college, but unfortunately part marks were always reserved for how well the piece was mounted. Blast.

But despite all my craftsmanship foibles, this past weekend I sucked it up and carved me a pumpkin. And to the best of my abilities, I made this fine specimen (above), intended to be Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. I hadn't made a jack-o-lantern in about 15 years, so carving memories from pumpkins past all came racing back, ranging from "phew, this thing reeks" and "eww, this feels disgusting" to "I absolutely love stabbing things".

Doling out candy to kids on Halloween for the first time was a sweet experience. And when one asked me if my pumpkin was "that guy from Monsters, Inc.", it felt doubly good. An extra Kit-Kat for that sucka!


Melissa said...

Cool pumpkin Jeope!! I never saw Monsters Inc, but it was on this past weekend and I caught about 20 minutes of it before we went to the movies. Looks so cute! I never got around to pumpkin carving this year, which is such a shame because I was planning on carving "Jeope rulz". Ahh well, there's always next year.

lew! said...

i always wanted to wear a carved pumpkin for a head as a costume. Not terribly creative, i know - but i tink it would be oddly fun.

Jeope said...

Phew! That'd smell. But fun, yes. Oddly. It'd remind me of the Mister Bean episode where the turkey was stuck on his head.

lew! said...

tall ships 2000?
is that where they came through the great lakes? i went in grand haven MI, and really enjoyed it. i also wished i had known that in high school i could have done a summer trip learning how to sail. Man, that would be amazing.


i remember that Mr Bean - that was a turkey of gargantuan size.

Jeope said...

It was this millennium parade of gigantic sailing ships from all over the world. They toured the whole globe and stopped at famous historic ports. As far as North America, I think it was Boston, NYC and Halifax (where I saw 'em).

lew! said...

yeah it was 2001 in Muskegon MI.
Pffft some memory i have. :P