October 22, 2006

87: The Leaf Monster

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There's something about a big pile of leaves in the fall that can bring out the kid in just about anybody. We had a unique fall here; the weather came in a way that our boulevard trees dropped their entire load near all at once – 13 Glad-bags' worth in the front yard alone, which, for a brief moment was in the form of two giant piles. That was before the inner kids took over and dove in, reminding me of the Calvin and Hobbes strip where the "leaf monster" surprised Calvin mid-leap, only to be beaten to oblivion with the rake. This is the last known one of Kerry before the leaf monster struck our property, which I am submitting – in her honour, of course – to both PhotoFortnight for their apt theme of autumn, and for Photo Friday's current theme of innocence. And as is the case nowadays, more photos from the day – which also includes the evening's "Art & Soul" fundraiser soirĂ©e for/at the Winnipeg Art Gallery – can be seen over at my Flickr site.


Melissa said...

I'll bet there were lots of bugs in those piles. Our leaves are still on the trees, but today is a pretty windy day, so I think they'll be coming down soon. If Rob and I are walking around as the leaves are falling, we like to make a game out of who can catch the most, which is tougher than it sounds!

Mary said...

LOL Melissa...I was kind of thinking the same thing about the bugs, but my first concern would have been spiders, specifically.

Very cool pics though! I can remember doing that very thing when I was a kid. We had a huge yard with lots of leaves and it was fun to roll around in them with our dog. Oooh, the good ol' days!

Jeope said...

Bugs?! Pffft!!!

You two, you're such girls.

devon said...

eeek! not me! i get all wierded out about bugs too, especially slimy ones. i had some bad experiences back in the day. :) kerry, you are a brave woman.