October 05, 2006

Update With Peppers

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A quick note – and some homegrown red peppers – just to say the complete Flickr photoset of our vacation photos from last week are now available for scopin' out. You can check the holiday set right here – these are the best shots the week had to offer. There's a handful of stitched panoramas I'm still working on; they'll show up in my panoramas set when they're finished.

And the peppers? An experiment, done a couple of weeks ago. I took our five most successful peppers from the garden and lined them up on our kitchen stove, snapped this pic and in Photoshop, "whitened the whites" and removed the stovetop elements. The only problem: it was at night, and even though I had the tripod the ceiling light made it fuzzier then I'd have liked.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Oh yum, I love me some peppers. Next year grow some green ones too, mmm-kay? Then ship some to Jersey. Or feel free to hand deliver them. I throw green peppers into nearly everything I cook.