October 29, 2006

Accidents Happen

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Photo Friday's current theme of accidental made me search through my collection of photos for those that turned out cool via fluke, accident and what-have-you. Some of these have appeared here before, and some highlight the theme more than others – but all of these images were not originally as intended. You can click here for a closer look at the grid of images.

Top left: Michelle in the big, comfy chair at Melissa's Vegas wedding reception. Part of a larger image in which she was chatting with buddy Steve, it was originally meant to be a flash-on snapshot. The camera was on night mode, and with some creative cropping this is what I squeezed out of it.

Top center: My niece Cadence at six weeks of age. We were conducting a black-and-white photo shoot and this shot captured her on the verge of a yawn. What I got was her tongue, in a classic stick-it-to-The-Man pose.

Top right: Me and Kerry, fireside. A long-exposure shot, I thought I could sneak in quick enough not to show up on the final image. Looks like I was too slow.

Center: Kerry's nephew showing off his ice-cream tongue. I honestly had no idea at the time that so much blue was being showcased.

Center right: Kerry at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland in a cool mood shot, September 2003. The wind grabbed control of her hair, but she also closed her eyes when the picture was taken.

Bottom left: Kerry at Grand Beach, April 2005. Deceivingly downtrodden, she just had some sand in her eye.

Bottom right: I was attempting to take a quick photo of my work's entry into a local parade, an adult tricycle towing three light-laden wheeled wooden ducks. But like the first picture here, the camera was set on a far-too-slow shutter speed. This abstract was the result.


Mary said...

I really like the one of kerry ala faux distress :) You make me wish for a better camera. Is all your stuff digital?

Oh, and I like your new blog header! That is just cute.

Jeope said...

Hiya Mary. I've been digital for exactly one year now, and I've taken more pictures in the past year than prolly the rest of my life altogether. If not, then it sure feels like it.

lew! said...

i need me a digi cam.
i cannot believe how lazy i have become with film.

i guess sadly the art for is on it's way out. I want to keep with it for black and white at least.

c'mon holiday monies!

Ekota (kgiff) said...

Even when you mess up, you still have great photos. Keep posting photos. I love looking at your pictures.